Daly Field Athletic Complex
10 Nonatum Road
Brighton, MA 02135

Scrimmage & Draft:
Saturday, May 20: Free Agent Draft Combine & Scrimmages
Saturday, May 27: Free Agent & New Team Scrimmages

Official Dates (Pick 4 official & 1 friendly):
Saturday, June 3: 830am to 12pm noon
Saturday, June 10: 830am to 12pm noon
Saturday, June 17:830am to 12pm noon
Saturday, June 24: 830am to 12pm noon
Saturday, July 1: 830am to 12pm noon
Saturday, July 8: 830am to 12pm noon
Saturday, July 15: 830am to 12pm noon

Main Event:
End of August, teams will be seeded into pools based on their regular season performance

Creating Your Team’s Flex Schedule
Each session will be 2 pool play games. 3 teams to a pool.

Teams pick 4 dates for their schedule.
An additional 5th date will be a “Friendly” double-header
Each Saturday you will play a double-header for a total of 10 pool play games.
A “Friendly” will be scored 1/2 the value of an official game .

Pool Play (3 Teams)
8:45: Team 1 vs Team 2
9:45 Winner Choice vs Team 3
10:45 Team 3 vs (Team 1 or Team 2)
Winner of the first pool play game will decide if they want to “stay on” or wait for the 3rd time slot

Scoring Chart:
Win = 3, Tie = 2, Loss = 1
Friendly pool play games will be weighted 1/2
Win = 1.5, Tie =1, Loss = .5
So if you miss your friendly match, it won’t be used against. We will have substitute teams if your team doesn’t show for its 1 scheduled friendly. 

Scrimmages are not mandatory throughout the season. And depending on availability, teams can use available fields for practice and scrimmages.