Player Code of Conduct


The CCFL and BOSTON FIVES is a competitive recreation sports league. We are comprised of players and participants from various backgrounds and skill levels. We are open to all players and make an effort to place you in a competitive atmosphere based on your level and experience of play.

The Code of Conduct is an in integral part of our rules and the game of Flag Football. Outlined below is the basic expectations of both player and participant behavior for our League.  It is part of our Mission to ensure our games remain safe and enjoyable to all participants, guests and organizers of our league.


Conduct should at all times be supportive of the mission statement of the League.

All participants shall treat fellow participants, players, referees, teams, spectators, neighborhood, and the community in a positive, sportsmanlike, and respectful manner while at any League-sponsored activity.

No participant shall strike, shove, or use any unnecessarily rough tactics towards a player, referee, or spectator while at a League-sponsored event.

No participant shall engage in objectionable demonstration of dissent, unsportsmanlike conduct, taunting or other disrespectful behavior at a League-sponsored activity.

No participant shall question or dispute the decision of a referee unless acting in a respectful manner as the Captain of the team in question.

No participant shall play football in a condition that would be a danger to him or herself.

Enforcement of the Code of Conduct will be handled by the referees at each field and, if necessary, the Commissioner.


For the first infraction, the referees will call a captains’ meeting at midfield and discuss with both captains the behavior that needs to be addressed.

For the second infraction, the referees will consult with each other and may expel the player from the game. The team that loses the player will continue down one player until the ball changes possession.

For the third infraction, the referees will refer the matter to the Commissioner for further action. Penalties may include multi-game suspensions or expulsion from the League.

If a participant is expelled from game day events, the expelled participant must immediately leave the premises including the private and public parking lots of the fields.