About Us

Havoc Football Spring League Champs

Our Story

The CCFL was originally formed in 2000 as the Cleveland Circle Football League. A neighborhood football league with aspirations to model its league after competitive college intramural sports – the nascent football league petitioned Mayor Menino to grant them a permit for the multi-purpose grass fields of “the Circle”.

The early pioneers from Boston Sports Journal, Cityside Bar and Red Hook Brewery formed a partnership to create a men’s flag football league that would be promoted throughout the City of Boston. What was a brainchild of Andrew Tamayo (commissioner of the league since 2000), has now become a successful city wide football league that plays each fall in Brighton’s Cassidy Park and Charlestown High School.

Our Mission

Boston Fives Mission is to provide the best flag football experience for players of Greater Boston. The CCFL, our league partner, organizers and players promote participation in all sports, specifically flag football for all levels of play. Through Boston Fives’ league tournament format, the mission is to provide players, participants and spectators a fun and healthy way to be involved in recreational sports at the community level  throughout the year.

Our Goal

CCFL has firmly established itself as one of the best men’s flag football league in Boston. Our goal with Boston Fives is to become a premier collection of tournaments that play for city wide recognition of the best 5 v 5 flag football team of Boston. Boston Fives will attract some of the region’s best players and fans from New England and beyond to Boston during the spring and summer months during the series of tournaments.

Five on five is a fast paced and finesse style of play. Boston Fives is Flag Football – its action combined with player camaraderie and team work.

Boston Fives’ goal is to make the 3 month series one of the best local recreation events. Through the process, one team will have the honor of being crowned the best flag football team of Boston.


Boston College Flag Football Circa 1985