Free Agent (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Free Agent program work?
First, sign up. There is no commitment and we evaluate your responses and put you in a pool of other FAs that are interested in our league. We form teams with this pool of players or assign them to teams looking to round out their roster. Once you are assigned a team, our expectation is for FAs to finish off the season with their team.

2. When does the season start?
Our fall season starts the first Sunday of September. We may scrimmage games for new players and current teams prior to the first official Sunday of the season which is the first and second Sunday of September for the rest of the league. This may vary, but we give you plenty of options to get in as much practice and scrimmages prior to the start of the season.

3. When do I have to register?
Waiver and registration must be completed prior to the first scrimmage or orientation of new players. We discourage showing up to your first game since we can not guarantee you a spot on a team unless we have acclimated you to your new teammates and the rules of our league.

4. What division can I play in?
We evaluate the statements you made about your experience and also see how you perform with other FAs during the the scrimmage games. The scrimmages are a round robin format so we can pair and see what new FAs gel with each other.

5. Can a friend and I join together and play on the same team?
Yes. We encourage this. But we’ve been very successful with forming teams and letting the “team first” mentality take over. And if you have only have 5 players, we can round our your team with 3 to 4 free agents to complete your roster.

6. How old do you have to be to play?
This is a men’s league and the average age of our players is between 25 and 35. You have to be at least 18 years old to participate in the league.

Note: Since we started the free agent program around 2005, we’ve had 4 teams win their division or come in second place: Reservoir Dogs, Boston Raiders, Prime Time, D.K.X. These teams have remained in our league and continue to build and pick up FA year after year. Most recently, M-Dubs won the Fall 2016 Rec Division.

The Boston Fives will begin its Draft starting in May. Please adjust dates accordingly for the Spring/Summer Boston Fives Tournament League.