Daly Field

Daly Field
10 Nonantum Road
Brighton, MA 02135

Guidelines For Use
Field Cleanliness

All field users share in the responsibility to help keep your fields clean and safe by requiring that players, fans and coaches place all trash in barrels or remove it from the site. If you find that your field is consistently littered by another group, please report concerns to DCR at (617) 727-4708. Repeated complaints regarding a particular group may result in permit cancellation and/or denial of permit applications in subsequent years.


Please note, some properties do not have restrooms available. If you are renting a field at one of those parks, you may wish to rent portable facilities depending on the size and type of event. The DCR can provide information regarding portable toilets. Restroom reservations should be made a minimum of twenty (20) business days prior to the desired date of use.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on DCR properties without written permission from the agency. Alcohol use during a permitted event will result in revocation of the field permit.

Any person(s) violating the established Rules and Regulations or constituting a public nuisance may be required to leave the premises.

The misuse of the field, failure to conform to field regulations, or any other Federal or

State law, rule, or regulation, shall be sufficient reason for immediate termination of permit. No refund will be granted.

Permittees are only to use those fields and times specifically designated in the Field Use Permit. There may be another group following yours, so it is essential that your group vacate the field by the scheduled ending time.

Gambling on DCR property is prohibited. Gambling shall be defined as any game of skill, chance, or raffle, played with cards or any other device for money or any other representative item of value.

All food vendors on state property must follow normal public bid processes determined by the Department. Selling food or other items may be subject to an additional fee for the right to conduct sales on public property. Vendors must adhere to all State, County, and City health requirements. Sales of any kind must be approved in writing by the Department prior to the activity.

All events charging an admission fee will require special written approval by the Department. Amplified sound is not permitted in any park without special written approval by the DCR. DCR staff shall have the right to enter all fields at any time during any and all use for observation of activities. The Department may revoke or suspend the right to make a reservation as a means of a disciplinary action.

Field use permits/reservations cannot be transferred, assigned, or sublet. Field users are not allowed to apply any chemicals on the field or turf except field lining products.

All signs and advertising are prohibited without written permission from the Department. Signs or decorations may not be tied, stapled, etc. to plants or structures.

Egg toss or water balloon games are not permitted No vehicles are to be driven or parked on DCR property, except under strict staff supervision. Any unauthorized vehicle on DCR property will be cited and towed.

DCR shall regulate or prohibit such activity or use, which in its judgment is determined to be of a hazardous nature or is potentially dangerous or damaging to property or is not in the best interests of the residents of the Commonwealth.

DCR is not responsible for accident, injury, or loss of individual property